Monday, June 29, 2015

The Home Depot Parking Lot Table

I find furniture all over the place: estate sales, private sales, flea markets, garage sales, and sometimes even on the side of the road. But this table was a first for me. I bought it off a truck in a Home Depot parking lot!

I just had to run in Home Depot for a quick stop and parked right next to a truck loaded with furniture. And on the top of this pile of furniture was this antique round table that I immediately spotted. Sorry no picture - when I am going to remember that I blog, too? I waited for the owner to come out and managed to negotiate a fair price in my limited Spanish!

It was a cosmetic mess. But structurally it was in great condition for its age. The legs were secure and didn't wobble and the drawers were intact and worked. I put the stripper on the top as soon as I got home. (And remembered to sort of take the before picture!)

After I stripped the top, I was really pleased with the beautiful wood grain. There were minor scratches and I literally had the palm sander in my hand about to sand them down when I stopped. I don't know why, but something about those scratches really pulled at my heart strings. Here was this little table from probably the 30's or 40's that had seen a lot of action in its time. And each one of those scratches told a story about the table's past. I'm probably being overly nostalgic - or maybe I've sniffing too many paint fumes lately!

The top got a very light coat of General Finishes Antique Walnut....

And while I was waiting for the top to properly cure, I painted the base of the table and legs in my favorite white: a 50/50 mix of General Finishes Snow White and Antique White.

I gave the little feet a pedicure with BarKeeper's Friend. I didn't go overboard because I liked the patina.

And I was careful not to overdo the same with the cute little lion pulls.

I'm so happy with the results that I'm actually thinking of keeping this one! So keep your eyes out for furniture all over the place - even the Home Depot parking lot!

Have a great week and a fabulous 4th of July!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Using Appliques on Furniture

Got ugly brown furniture from the 1970's? Well, I may have a solution for you! I refinished this bedroom set from the '70s for my client using fresh white paint, new hardware and appliques!

Here's the before of her armoire and dresser - nice, sturdy furniture - but a little too brown for my client's decorating style.

Her bedroom is really lovely - straight out of a Rachel Ashwell picture - and we thought we could freshen up her furniture to fit her decor. She found appliques online (Bella Cottage) and hardware from D. Lawless. She also chose General Finishes Antique White for her paint brand and color.

I did this project in stages, and started on the armoire first. The previous holes had to be filled to accommodate the new pulls. The appliques were primed first and then glued on using woodworker's glue.

Here's a progress shot I sent her for approval. She loved the look so much she asked for more appliques: on one of the bottom drawers and on the sides!

The finishing coats were applied as well as several coats of General Finishes Satin Top Coat and it was done!

Lovely view of the appliques on the sides and bottom drawer.

The interior was also primed, painted and sealed.

The armoire was delivered and I set to work on the dresser with matching knobs and similar appliques. This time I used two appliques on four of the drawers and positioned them next to each other to make one long swag.

I placed long rose swags on the sides of the dresser as well:

I'm so pleased with how this project turned out!

Yes, it was a lot of work - but there is hope for that 1970's furniture you've been wanting to freshen up!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

French Dresser Makeover

I love white furniture. White furniture is versatile because it's so easy to decorate around. So when I found this gorgeous French dresser and mirror by Henredon at an estate sale, I knew immediately all of these lovely details on the drawer fronts and sides would come alive with white paint.


Beautiful mirror

After the usual prep, I pulled out my favorite custom white color: a 50/50 mix of General Finishes Snow White and Antique White.

And added subtle glazing in General Finishes Pitch Black Glaze just on the drawer fronts to accentuate the lovely details. I usually don't do that much distressing to my furniture, but did in this case, because I was in the shabby chic zone! If you would like to see how I did a similar glazing treatment, check out my French chair makeover.

The mirror got the same treatment....

And as the final step used my favorite sealer by General Finishes High Performance Top Coat in Satin.

It's already in its new home! Have a wonderful week!

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Say "Oui" to Stripes

I was really excited when my client wanted to think outside the box with this makeover. I had never painted stripes on furniture before and was worried about getting crisp, clean lines. But it was so much easier than I anticipated and this set came out absolutely gorgeous!

In the beginning there was a dresser, mirror, highboy and two nightstands. Gorgeous lines...but orange finish that was just well...crying out for a makeover!

When I met with my client, she saw this Drexel Touraine that was just completed, and fell in love with the color combination of General Finishes Seagull Grey and Snow White.

She wanted more white than grey, so just the tops were painted in Seagull Grey. The body and drawers were painted in Snow White and everything was sealed in their Satin Top Coat.

Only the center drawers had the stripes, so I carefully measured the distance between the stripes to make sure they were all equal and taped the stripes off with Frog Tape.

And painted the exposed areas with the grey paint.

And, then with my fingers crossed, slowly in one consistent motion, pulled the tape off. It worked - what a relief! And after it was sealed, and the hardware spruced up in Rustoleum Metallic Finishes, she was ready for her closeup!

So much work.....but here's the family:

And now I'm off to refinish her matching vanity!

Have a great week....and Happy Summer! (Last week of school for the kids!)

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