Monday, April 11, 2016

The Big Green Monster

You know, I did everything right with this Drexel credenza. I took it completely apart. I stripped it.  I taped up the drawers with paper to prevent overspray. I removed all of the hardware: the handles, hinges, metal magnet thingies on the doors, etc. and refinished them. I fixed nicks, gouges, scratches, and then sanded them out. I sprayed two coats of primer, with the requisite sanding in between. Three very thin coats of a really pretty green Benjamin Moore with sanding in between them as well.

And yet, this big green monster came to make my life miserable for a few days.

I waited TWO WEEKS to put it back together because the paint was still tacky. (Benjamin Moore Advance curing time is longer than I'm used to.) And when I went to put the doors back on, the (insert VERY bad words) doors wouldn't fit! Like not even close. Like they had been switched in the middle of the night with completely different doors by aliens who enjoy playing tricks on unsuspecting poor furniture refinishers.

I can't tell how you many times my husband and I took off those four doors and tried them in different positions.

Ultimately, by some stroke of luck, we were able to put it all back together and have the doors open and close. I have to profess that a few tears were shed along the way.

And I may shed even more tears when I sell it because now this big green monster is growing on me. He's listed in my Etsy shop if you're interested. (Postscript: He's been sold to a great family!)

Enjoy your day!

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